T-UFFC Special Issue

A Special Issue (SI) of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ULTRASONICS, FERROELECTRICS, AND FREQUENCY CONTROL (T-UFFC) will be published with content from this conference. Following the 2018 IFCS conference, select papers from contributing authors of outstanding communications will be invited to submit a full manuscript for publication consideration. The editorial selection of the SI will feature exceptional student work to showcase the emerging young scientists, engineers, and applied technologists of our community. 

At-large conference presenters, and invited speakers are also encouraged to submit papers to the SI. Potential contributing authors are reminded that science and technology review papers, relevant to the 2018 IFCS Proceedings, are welcome to the SI review process. 

When responding to the SI call:

a. All special issue manuscripts shall undergo the standard T-UFFC peer review process.

b. The article should be identified as Manuscript Type “Special Issue” during submission.

Deadline for SI paper submission: July 30th, 2018.

Interested authors are recommended to read the attached, “T-UFFC Conference Special Issue Guide for Authors”.

View Special Issue Guide

Of significant note - the manuscript for the SI of the T-UFFC must contain substantial additional technical material from the conference proceedings. This must be justified based on one or more of the following: new theoretical or experimental results, enhanced modeling and characterization, descriptions of new applications, better placing the study in its context, greater depth of discussion, more elaborate analysis of results and additional references.

As a guideline for authors, the Editor-in-Chief of the T-UFFC has set the quantitative threshold for substantial additional technical material to be 40-50% above, not only the conference proceedings, but all previous publicly archived material.

Dana Weinstein, Purdue University 
Songbin Gong, Univeristy of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Craig Nelson, NIST
Francois-Xavier Esnault, CNES
Philip Feng, Case Western Reserve University
Stefania Romisch, NIST
Dave Leibrandt, NIST Boulder