Presentation Instructions

Oral Presenters

  • The duration of most presentations is 20 minutes, while the length of invited talks varies depending on the session (please check the program). Please save about 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Since most speakers spend an average of one minute per slide, it would probably be best if the number of slides in your presentation is around 15 for a 20-minute talk.
  • LCD projectors and laptop computers (MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader) will be available in every session room for regular presentations. 
  • One (1) speaker for each oral presentation is required to attend the Speaker's Breakfast on the morning of their session. This will enable the presenter to meet with their Session Chair and to have their presentation loaded in the computer to be used for that day. An AV technician will be available should any assistance be needed.
  • ALL PRESENTATIONS MUST BE PRE-LOADED IN THE CONFERENCE PROVIDED LAPTOPS AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH DAY WHILE AT THE SPEAKER'S BREAKFAST. Please bring a memory stick containing your presentation. To avoid software compatibility problems (MS PowerPoint), speakers are advised to save their PowerPoint presentation in "pack-n-go" format AND bring a backup PDF-version of their presentation. 

Preparation of Visuals:

  • Limit the number of words per visual to no more than 20.
  • Leave space, at least the height of a capital letter, between lines of text.
  • All fonts, including that on graphs, should be 18 point or larger. (22 point is generally best)
  • Graphs and charts should have bold lines and symbols that contrast sharply with the background.

Poster Presentations

  • Poster boards should be put up on the morning of the presentation, and removed at the end of the day.
  • The size of the area for each poster is 4 ft. (wide) 4 ft. (tall). Your poster will be attached with push pins which will be provided. We recommend A0 format.
  • The location of your poster will be noted on each board in accordance with the corresponding number listed in the Program Book given out at registration.
  • Student paper competition finalist posters will be located with their group in the poster area, but will have a special indicator on them. 
  • You will be required to be present at your poster presentation during the hours listed in the Program Book for the Poster Session.
  • You can have your poster printed by MIRA and delivered to the conference. Find details here.