Invited Talks

Ferroelectric and Relaxor-Ferroelectric Thin Films for Piezoelectric MicroElectroMechanical Systems
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Georgia Institute of Technology

Toward a redefinition of the SI second with optical clocks: an overview of recent progress
Sebastien Bize, Paris Observatory

Portable cold atom frequency standard
Martin Boyd, AOSense, Inc

Ben Eggleton, The University of Sydney

Bounded Asynchrony in Distributed Systems
Peter Hochschild, Google

David Howe, NIST

Micro/Nanophotonic Resonators for Sensing Applications
Qiang Lin, University of Rochester

IoT Networks: Frequency Control Considerations
Troy Olsson, DARPA

Novel uses of stabilized optical frequency combs: from regional methane leak source identification to diagnostics for extreme combustion
Greg Rieker
, University of Colorado Boulder

Operating a 171Yb+ Microwave Ion Clock in a Continuous Mode
Peter Schwindt, Sandia National Laboratories

Optical lattice clocks with thermal or quantum degenerate atoms
Jun Ye, JILA