Group 5

Group 5 Chair: Stefania Romisch
Time Scales and Time Transfer, Atomic Standards Group, NIST

Miho Fujieda
Senior researcher, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Time and frequency transfer by satellites and optical fibers

Marina Gertsvolf
Team Leader, Frequency and Time Group, Measurement Science and Standards, National Research Council Canada
Time scales and time and frequency transfer, time dissemination, precise time and frequency measurements, atomic clocks.

Per Olof Hedekvist
Senior Scientist, Research Institute of Sweden
Characteristics and limitations of time and frequency transfer over commercial fiber optic networks

Shinn-Yan (Calvin) Lin
Researcher, National Standard Time and Frequency Lab. Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.
Timescale algorithms, GNSS and Satellite time and frequency transfer, local time dissemination systems, and precise time and frequency measurement

Bijunath Patla
Time and Frequency Division, NIST Boulder
Area of expertise: GNSS, PNT, General Relativity, Geodesy with atomic clocks

Wolfgang Schaefer
Managing Director, TimeTech GmbH 
2-way time- and frequency transfer via satellite, SATRE TWSTFT modem, ACES-MWL for ground-to-space use

Amitava Sengupta
Hon. Distinguished Research Professor, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon
Time transfer using GNSS, TWSTFT and also on Microwave atomic frequency standards

Pierre Ulrich
Senior Physicist, Head for GNSS and Time Metrology, LNE-SYRTE, Observatoire de Paris
GNSS, time transfer, time scale, time and frequency stability, uncertainties

Aimin Zhang
Researcher, Time and frequency Division, National Institute of Metrology, China
Time keeping, time transfer, time and frequency measurement