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SMOK is a popular e-cig brand that is well-known across the world for its innovative, well-designed quality electronic cigarettes. Founded in 2010, the SMOK brand by Shenzhen IVPS Technology Company Limited has remarkably grown to become a first-class global brand in the e-cig industry in less than 7 years largely due to its innovative aspect. The Shenzhen IVPS Technology Company is an electronic cigarette company that focuses on the e-cig technology and research as well as the production and sales of the e-cig. Today, SMOK is considered the most successful international e-cig brand according to the vaping reviews with over 80 million consumers worldwide.

SMOK manufactures all kinds of electronic cigarette products to suit the different needs. Therefore, whether you are looking for an innovative starter kit or an ultimate vaping experience, SMOK offers a number of options. Another important aspect worth mentioning about SMOK is that it has a smart vaporizer management and social platform that aims to empower the vaping community to enjoy healthier alternatives to tobacco and to live a healthier life. In 2016, the SMOK expanded its line of e-cig products by introducing its own line of e-liquids under a brand name the American Dream. Furthermore, being a modern company, the SMOK also takes the happiness of its consumers very seriously. The company offers first class customer service to ease the buying process.

Review of the most popular SMOK e-cig products

Due to their quality and innovative aspect, the SMOK e-cig products are some of the most sought-after e-cigs globally and thus, some of the most reviewed products on the internet. Nevertheless, some of the SMOK products that seem to excite the market more based on the vaping reviews include:

ProColor kit

With the ProColor kit, vaping is not only enjoyable but also trendy. Featuring a 1.3-inch HD large OLED colorful screen and shield-like shaped RGB backlights, the ProColor stands out among the crowd as the most innovative mod. Furthermore, unlike other mods that are usually an upgrade of the previous versions, the ProColor kit features a totally new designed software interface and an amazing hand-feel design. It is available in 18 colors that include the prism, auto orange, blue, green, pink, red, black, silver, purple and camouflage among other hybrid colors.

The unit also comes with a lateral big fire key and an anti-slip embossed texture that makes it easy and comfortable to use. The ProColor mod also features 12-color LED backlight, 5-light style, and 3-light style color options for a personalized vaping experience. Other useful Procolor features include 225W power, puff monitoring system, intelligent atomizer recognition, overheating protection and short circuit protection.

G-Priv 2

The G-Priv 2 is an upgrade of the G-PRIV version. It comes with an upgraded user interface and a slimmer body to provide a clearer HD screen and a comfortable hand-feel. The G-Priv 2 is available in 7-color options that include gold black, black red, silver black, blue-black, purple-black, 7-color and red black. Compared with the initial G-PRIV version, the G-Priv 2 is 14-percent smaller in size, 10-percent less weight, and 20-percent sharper. The G-Priv 2 also has 10w more power and a more intuitive richer menu. The unit comes with a simple, streamlined body that is ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable hand-feel and a highly sensitive 2.0-inch touch screen that lets you complete operations with a simple touch. The screen can be customized for a more personal feel thanks to the 6 available color schemes.

The main menu is also easy to read and operate and lets you access the different vaping modes. The VW Mode lets you activate the VW mode and access the vaping effects and wattage value adjustments while the TC Mode lets you activate the TC mode, coil types, TCR setting, and preheat wattage value. The SMOK G-Priv 2 also comes with dual battery indicators for more accurate battery conditions and an independent screen locking button that lets you easily lock the device by pressing the button for 2 seconds. To lock and unlock the firekey, you should press the button three times.


As with any other e-cig brand, it is important to note that the best device depends on your vaping preferences and needs. If you are getting started, the Q-Box, OSUB 40W and OSUB one are better alternatives. The G150, AL85, and G80 are crafted for advanced users while the GX2/4, Alien, and GX350 are designed for users looking for the ultimate vaping experience. Other exciting SMOK units you will find you will find talked about in the vaping reviews include the Pen styled units such as the Stick V8, V8 Baby and AIO and the Guardian pipes such as the Guardian 40W, Guardian III, and the Guardian Sub Kit.

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Special Guide

If you are new to vaping, you must first understand the different types of electronic cigarettes before you can make your purchase decision. Understanding the different types of e-cigs will help you purchase the best product for your vaping needs. The common types of electronic cigarettes that you find on the market include the cigalikes, ego style, and mods.


Cigalikes are electronic cigarettes that look like the traditional cigarette. They are the easiest to use and does not require much maintenance. They are made up of two pieces that include the battery and the cartomizer. To puff a cigalike, you only need to charge the battery, attach the cartomizer and enjoy your vaping. They are usually the go-to option for people trying to quit smoking due to the traditional cigarette feel. The cigalikes were the first e-cigs on the market. The atomizer of cigalikes is built into the disposable cartridge. They also come filled with e juice that contains different levels of nicotine depending on the individual preferences.

The cartomizer contains an atomizer coil that heats the e juice to produce vapor every time you take a puff. However, since the cartridges are disposable, you must carry a packet of fresh cartridges and a fully charged battery to keep vaping. The best cigalikes also come with different colored tips. They are also the least expensive. In fact, they are considered cheaper than the traditional cigarettes despite the many benefits as a single cartridge is equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes and lasts about 300 to 400 puffs. Some of the best cigalikes on the market include the Halo G6 starter kit, the V2 cigs starter kit, and the Vapor Zeus e-cigarettes.

Ego models

The ego models are an upgrade on the cigalikes. They come with bigger tanks and larger battery capacity as well as the freedom to enjoy different e juice flavors. With the ego models e-cigarettes, you can even mix different e juice flavors to make your own concoction for a unique vaping experience. Another ego model feature is the fact that you can ramp up the voltage to get more power for more vapor production for greater satisfaction. The ego models are made up of three components that include the atomizer, tank and the battery. All three components are separate, which means that you can replace any as the need arises.

The main benefit of Ego e cigarettes over cigalikes is the fact that you can tailor your vaping experience to suit your unique personal preference thanks to the wide array of options. You can choose a battery that is slimmer or larger depending on your vaping needs. However, the wide range of options available makes the Ego e-cigarettes ideal for users with electronic cigarette experience. Some of the best Ego models on the market include the V2 Cigs pro series 3X, VaporFi rocket 3 starter kits, Volcano inferno e-cig, and Halo Cigs Triton II starter kit.

Mods and Modded types

The mods of modified e cigarettes are designed to experienced vapers looking for bigger control over their vaping experience. The mod is an e-cig term used to refer to any to any e-cigarette that steps out of the ego style also called advanced personal vaporizers. Vaping mods feature a number of components that you must understand how they work before you can choose to buy a mod e cigarette. One area of great importance is the tank. Although the main role of the tank is to hold e juice, the tanks operate differently. Tanks that use atomizers with a resistance of over 1 ohm are considered above-ohm tank while those with resistance that is lower than 1 ohm are considered sub-ohm tanks. Some mod vaporizers also come with tanks that enable users to build their own custom atomizer coils commonly referred to as the rebuildable tank atomizers (RDAs).

Another important aspect that you must consider when choosing the best mod is the power/ battery option. When it comes to mod vaporizers, the battery options are endless. It is possible to find box mods with a power that is greater than 220 watts. It is also important to note that mod vaporizers are highly flexible. The mod features depend on the creativity of the manufacturer but some of the features you will commonly find include temperature control, LED screens, and battery meter among others. Some of the best mod e cigarettes on the market include the VaporFi Vox TC Mod, SMOK Alien 220W TC Box Mod, Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro and iStick 50W Battery Mod.


To choose the best type of e cigarette, you must understand your vaping needs as well as what different types of e-cigs offer.

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The Market

The information above provides a bit of insight into the different companies that are competing in the rapidly-changing market for e-cigarettes. As noted, the tobacco industry has made a significant claim on the entry level of the marketplace. Given tobacco companies’ historical interest in deceptive marketing practices, this can quickly cast doubt on claims that e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking. You can look at the top choices at the Best Electronic Cigarette Brands & Reviews For 2016 website if you like.

The profusion of foreign manufacturers may also be a cause for concern. There are no countries in the world that have introduced strict regulations on the manufacturing of e-cigarettes, which means that product safety on a mechanical and electronic level is a real concern. This especially applies to the cheapest devices coming out of China, where all other considerations are set aside to minimize the cost to the end user.

The Lack Of Regulatory Oversight

A lot of the legitimate health concerns that have so far been raised concerning e-cigarettes – and there have been some significant ones – have to do with the minimal oversight currently being exercised over the way both vaporizers and e-liquids are manufactured. In the section on e-liquid technology above, the standard composition of vaping liquid is described in an ideal scenario. You always want to find the best e juice before buying.

The products of many manufacturers (both large and small ones) have been found to contain very harmful ingredients like diethylene glycol, which can produce formaldehyde when vaporized at high temperatures.

While isolated cases have established that unscrupulous manufacturers can endanger their customers when they cut corners in the production process, so far there is no substantive research that can authoritatively paint vaping as anywhere near as dangerous as smoking tobacco. This means that the devices and e-liquid used for vaping need to be regulated with an eye on user’s safety, not that vaping as a whole needs to be restricted or eliminated.

Diacetyl: A Cautionary Tale

You can gain a much better understanding of the charged atmosphere – and the biased reporting – that surrounds the vaping community by looking at the case of diacetyl, a food additive that was found to have serious long-term health consequences in the early 2000s. Diacetyl is commonly used in artificial butter flavoring, and the respiratory disorder it causes when inhaled is known as “popcorn lung.” The first people who contracted this condition were popcorn factory workers exposed to massive amounts of airborne diacetyl over extended periods of time.

Diacetyl enters the vaping debate because it’s a common flavoring in many e-liquid blends. Opponents of vaping were quick to turn this into a metaphorical smoking gun to prove the dangers of the practice. There are two major holes in this argument, though. The first is that no one has found any link between inhaling diacetyl at the trace levels common in e-liquids and popcorn lung. The second (and more damning) problem is that diacetyl is present in tobacco smoke at levels over 100 times than in e-cigarette vapor. Although smokers experience a host of serious respiratory problems, popcorn lung isn’t one of them.

How Much Study Is Needed?

Many observers who learn more about the vaping debate like to say that it’s impossible to know for certain if vaping is harmful until more research is conducted. This is misleading too, though: What’s still unknown is exactly how much of a risk is posed by long-term use. That doesn’t mean that researchers have failed to compare electronic cigarettes to conventional tobacco products. That exact subject has been addressed by multiple studies, and their results are quite clear.

What has already been established is that electronic cigarettes are far less dangerous than smoking tobacco. From the risk of developing cancer to the threat posed by secondhand vapor, vaping poses a much smaller health risk than smoking. Considering that a very large percentage of active vapers (which is increasing with portable vaporizers) transitioned into the practice to replace traditional smoking either partially or entirely, this is highly significant.

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